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Coping strategies for those going through divorce

Deciding to end a marriage can be a very a difficult and stressful decision to make and have a multitude of emotional and psychological ramifications. Divorce can affect a person at all levels. No person plans on divorcing when they first get married, but sometimes certain circumstances arise and ending the marriage is the only option left on the table. Although parting ways with a spouse is never easy, there are strategies that Arizona couples can use to ease the impact of a divorce.

Spliting assets amid divorce

Ending a marriage these days can be a costly experience, not only in Arizona but across the country. The financial ramifications of divorce can be astounding and definitely overwhelming. In a marriage, most couples may acquire many assets with shared ownership. During a split, questions may arise regarding these shared assets and what to do about them.

What to do about retirement funds amid divorce

When couples in Arizona decide to end a marriage, many questions regarding finances will arise. Individuals facing divorce may be wondering what to do regarding retirement accounts and assets that were shared with their former spouses. In order to save money, couples may attempt a do-it-yourself divorce. But without the proper legal agreements in place, couples may face penalties. When splitting retirement funds, there are steps that can be taken to help couples get through this process with minimal financial damage.

Advice to help parents through the holidays after a divorce

With the holidays quickly approaching, newly separated parents in Arizona may experience a myriad of fresh challenges and emotions. After a divorce is finalized, the holidays not only place added stress on parents, but especially children. Children can often be left wondering if things will ever be the same. The following tips can be helpful for those newly divorced parents heading into the holiday season.

The top seven things to consider in a gray divorce

In the United States, it's more common than ever for couples over the age of 50 to seek a divorce. In fact, a recent study from Bowling Green State University shows that divorce in couples over age 50 nearly doubled between the years 1990 and 2010. This trend--sometimes known as gray divorce--frequently comes with issues that don't affect the divorces of younger couples.

Tips for parenting during and after a divorce

The end of a marriage can bring about a myriad of emotions for couples in Arizona and across the country. Unfortunately, children can often get caught in the middle of a divorce. When parents decide to split, their entire world can be thrown upside-down, and the experience can quickly become stressful for any children involved. Luckily, there are steps that parents can take to help their children through this emotional experience.

What to do about taxes during and after a divorce

Its no secret that divorce can be challenging and often emotionally painful for couples in Arizona and across the country. A separation can bring about mixed emotions and both parties can be left with questions about what to do next. Financial situations after divorce can be challenging and sometimes difficult to understand. Separating couples may have many questions pertaining to financial matters, especially taxes.

Should the home be kept or sold amid divorce?

When couples in Arizona and across the United States decide that divorce is inevitable, a bevy of problems and potential disagreements can arise. With couples that own a home, a big question is what to do with the home amid a separation. Unfortunately, the answer to this question is not always black and white. Whether to keep or sell a home after a divorce can depend on a number of factors.

Financial planning during divorce

Couples in the state of Arizona going through a separation can experience a roller coaster of stress and emotions. On top of this, both parties may feel added stress when thinking about finances during and after a divorce. Fortunately, there are certain steps couples can take to better prepare and protect themselves financially when they decide to end their marriage.

Tips for getting through a divorce

It's no secret that the end of a marriage can be exhausting, confusing and have many negative impacts on both parties. The life changes and legal aspects that accompany a divorce can be emotionally and physically exhausting. After being married for a significant amount of time, Arizona couples that have recently split may find themselves struggling to adjust to a new solitary lifestyle. There are certain things that can be done to ease the suffering and quiet the mind of those that are dealing with a divorce.

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