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Advice on how to get unstuck after a divorce

Suddenly ending a marriage is enough to emotionally and psychologically paralyze any person. After surviving all the legal stuff and the initial shock, divorce can make a person feel like he or she is stuck and in a constant struggle, never making progress. Here are a few tips to help Arizona residents get unstuck after a difficult divorce

Gray divorce: Why is it on the rise and what are the effects?

According to recent statistics, the number of marriages ending in Arizona and across the United States is on the decline. However, in one demographic, the divorce rate is climbing dramatically. Across the country,  the divorce rate among adults ages 50 and older has almost doubled over the last two decades. This phenomenon has become known as gray divorce, and it's happening for a number of reasons.

Divorce can happen to anyone

For many newlyweds, marriage often feels euphoric and perfectly permanent. But, as the new wears off, it takes work from both parties to make a marriage successful over the long-term. People change, situations change and goals change, so, sometimes, divorce may be the best course of action for Arizona residents. As one high-profile couple is finding out, divorce can affect any marriage.

What it takes to overcome a divorce

Sometimes, ending a marriage is premeditated and the best course of action. Sometimes, a divorce is totally unexpected. Regardless of circumstances, splitting from a spouse means that life will change and may never be the same again. Divorce can definitely shock the system. Here's how Arizona residents can get through this experience and move on to a happier future.

Financial advice for those going through divorce

No couple gets married with the intention of someday ending the marriage. However, this is what happens to half of all marriages in the United States. Without question, divorce can be emotionally and psychologically tough. As many Arizona residents know, divorce can also be very expensive. Here are some financial tips for those going through this situation.

The rise of gray divorce in the United States

While not everyone will experience the end of a marriage, those who do often find that it is one of the most challenging experiences in life. These days, the stigmas surrounding divorce are gradually diminishing and the overall divorce rate in the United States is declining. However, for one demographic, the divorce rate has skyrocketed over the last 20 years. In what has become known as "gray divorce," more and more Arizona couples over 50 years of age are calling it quits.

How to keep the house after a divorce

When a marriage ends, the financial situation can become very complex and confusing. Divorce will bring about some major financial decisions. For most Arizona residents, the biggest financial decision during this time will most likely be what to do with the house. In many divorces, one spouse will be more inclined to keep the home but both spouses have the right to pursue ownership. The following advice could be helpful for individuals who find themselves in this situation.

Considering divorce? Become familiar with new tax laws

At first, all marriages are joyous occasions and cause for celebration. However, it is a statistical fact that half of all marriages in the United States will end in divorce. Ending a marriage is undoubtedly difficult and can have significant financial ramifications. Those in Arizona who have recently divorced or are planning to divorce should be aware of recent tax law changes.

Summer is the season of divorce

Summer in Arizona is traditionally a time of barbecues, vacations and fun. However, according to a recent study, summer is also a time when divorce filings ramp up. During this season, children are out of school and vacations are planned, which can add stress to a lot of marriages. As couples spend more time together, problems in the marriage can get exacerbated. If problems persist, some experts say summer is also a good time to begin planning for a divorce.

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