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Representing yourself in family proceedings?

Navigating the legal process on your own can seem daunting to say the least. The law can be complicated and there are nuances which are indiscernible to the untrained eye. But for many, securing legal advice from the start to the finish of your case is simply unaffordable. Having a guide to hand which can explain in simple terms both the law and procedure as well as the practical points of what will happen at court could therefore be an invaluable resource. In this blog, Family Law in Partnership associate Carla Ditz reviews 'The Family Courts for Litigants in Person. A Handbook for Litigants in Person' by Lucy Reed, Barrister at St Johns Chambers, Bristol.

Man receives prison sentence for unpaid child support

Child support laws exist in the state of Arizona and across the country to help meet the financial needs of children following a split or divorce. Usually, child support payments are court ordered and are made by the noncustodial parent. There can be harsh penalties for those parents that neglect to make child support payments. If an individual chooses to stop paying child support, he or she can be federally prosecuted. Recently, a man in another state allegedly failed to make child support payments and he was sent to prison.

Major League baseball star sued over alleged unpaid child support

When couples have children, both parents have an obligation to provide financial support for the benefit of those children. In the state of Arizona and across the country, child support laws are in place to ensure that parents honor their financial obligations with respect to their kids. What can be done if a parent chooses to break these laws and does not pay child support? Recently, a lawsuit was filed against Major League Baseball player Miguel Cabrera for allegedly not paying enough in child support.

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