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Tips for those with questions about child custody

When Arizona couples separate, many issues will arise such as what to do about financial obligations and living arrangements. For couples with children, the most important issue may be determining a custody arrangement. Parents may have many questions regarding child custody and laws surrounding custody matters. This transitional time can be smoother by following a few simple guidelines.

New child custody study supports shared custody

One of the biggest questions for Arizona parents after divorce is the custody of their children. When it comes to post-divorce child custody, statistics show that mothers are awarded full custody in almost 80 percent of cases. One reason for this is the belief that conflict between parents may cause the greatest amounts of stress for children. Historically, children have often placed in the mother's home for stability while allowing the father visitation rights. However, new research suggests that parental conflict plays a much smaller role than previously thought when it comes to the health and happiness of children.

Scarlett Johansson and former spouse settle child custody battle

In Arizona, custody laws exist to facilitate the needs of both parents and children. When couples with children decide to split, both parents must understand that the well-being of the child should remain the top priority. Unfortunately, when parents can't see eye to eye and are at odds in a child custody battle, it is the children who suffer the most. Recently, a custody battle involving the daughter of famous actress Scarlett Johansson and Romain Dauriac made headlines.

Parents can help children to cope with divorce, child custody

During the divorce process, parents in Arizona may understandably stress out over who will get to keep the children and the home. However, the children can also become stressed over the outcome of the divorce, particularly if they are in the center of a child custody battle. A couple of tips may help parents to address their children's needs as they go through this type of family law proceeding.

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