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Shared parenting: Tips to make the arrangement easier

Working with your ex to raise the children you share can be challenging. Even when there are good days, you might be wondering when things will turn sour again. The type of parenting relationship the two of you have has a big impact on how you will be able to handle trying times.

Carefully plan your property division tactics

The property division process during a divorce can get very sticky. You may think that determining the fate of the marital home will be the most difficult aspect of the divorce. You might be surprised to find that other assets and pieces of property pose even more of a challenge.

Choosing a parenting arrangement isn't always simple

In the past, parents who weren't married used a basic formula of custody that involved the mother having the child for the overwhelming majority of the time. It wasn't uncommon for a father to only see his children once every two weeks, for a couple of weeks during the summer, and every other holiday. As society has changed, this arrangement has taken a back burner to some more child-friendly arrangements.

Does same-sex divorce differ from opposite-sex divorce?

Same-sex marriage rights are still new across the U.S. In Arizona, same-sex couples have only been legally allowed to get married or have out-of-state marriages recognized for three years. As states adjust to these rights being upheld, their laws need to be updated to comply with Obergefell v. Hodges.

Cultural acceptance of divorce

Statistics will never tell the whole story, but looking at divorce trends as a whole, it shows that divorce is a constant element in modern life—one that’s gaining more acceptance by the year. Divorce rates famously grew during the 1980s and 1990s, but have dropped in recent years. In 2015, the rate was its lowest in almost 40 years. Figures have remained relatively stable in recent years.

How does Arizona divorce court view pet custody?

Everyone has heard the stories about a divorcing couple who can’t decide who gets the car, a piece of furniture or a favorite painting. In the divorce process, it’s common to divide assets. Arizona follows the concept of community property, which means anything you’ve acquired during marriage is owned equally by both partners. In divorce, those assets are divided to give equal value to each side.

Questions to ask before keeping the home after divorce

Whether or not to keep the family home after a divorce is a huge decision that you should not rush. It is understandable to want to hold onto such an important piece of your life and assets, but this is not necessarily the best decision for your family. Assess your situation and your finances first, asking yourself these questions:

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