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Helpful advice for fathers paying child support

Although parents will separate for any number of reasons, the common goal for all parents should be the safety and well-being of their children. It's no secret that a divorce or a separation can create a great financial strain on families. To ensure that the financial needs of children are met, Arizona has established a system of child support. In Arizona and across the country, the most common arrangement is the father making payments to the mother. Here are a few tips fathers should keep in mind when paying child support.

Obviously, it is very important to pay on time. The penalties for failing to pay on time can be very severe. These include loss of drivers license, garnished checks and even jail time. Even if money is tight, fathers should pay as much as possible in a timely manner. Unfortunately, many fathers will fall behind and it then becomes a big struggle to catch up.

Child custody: Tips for successful co-parenting

No couple gets married with the intent of divorcing, yet this is what happens to nearly half of all marriages in the United States. When parents divorce, the situation can quickly get complicated.  In order to give children a more stable environment, more and more divorced couples in Arizona are choosing co-parenting as the preferred child custody arrangement. Here are a few tips to make co-parenting a successful arrangement for both parents and children.

The well-being of the children should take precedence over everything else. All co-parenting efforts should be centered around this understanding. Resentment is common after a divorce, but parents need to push their personal feelings aside and put the children before themselves. For those ex-spouses who have particularly strong feelings of resentment for each other, it can be helpful to set clear and precise boundaries. Another helpful tip is to allow a trusted third party to help with transferring child from one parent to the other

5 financial steps to take once you decide to divorce

Divorcing your spouse is sure to alter your personal life and finances in a variety of ways. But despite the stress associated with divorce, you can't let it get you down to the point of simply coasting through the process.

Here are five financial steps you should take once you decide to divorce. Doing these things will put your mind at ease, while also allowing you to feel better about the future.

  • Gather all applicable financial records: This can include but is not limited to bank account statements, retirement account statements, pay stubs, tax returns and billing statements.
  • Create a property division checklist: This outlines the property that you own jointly and separately. The four categories should include real estate, personal property, financial assets and business assets.
  • Review your budget, create a budget: Once you review your current budget, you can then create a new one for your post-divorce life. It's difficult to finalize your budget before your divorce comes to a conclusion, but you can at least get the basics in place.
  • Close joint accounts, open individual accounts: It's critical to close all joint accounts, such as credit cards and bank accounts, as you don't want to give your ex reason to believe they can still use it. Once you do this, open individual accounts for your personal use.
  • Consult with a professional: For example, if you have concerns about saving for retirement after your divorce, consult with a financial planner who can review your situation and provide the guidance necessary to get you back on track. Also, meet with your tax professional to better understand the impact your divorce will have on your tax situation, both now and in the future.

Advice on how to get unstuck after a divorce

Suddenly ending a marriage is enough to emotionally and psychologically paralyze any person. After surviving all the legal stuff and the initial shock, divorce can make a person feel like he or she is stuck and in a constant struggle, never making progress. Here are a few tips to help Arizona residents get unstuck after a difficult divorce

A common phrase is that time heals all wounds. However, time doesn't really heal anything, it is on the person to heal him or herself. For those who have children, keep in mind that children are always watching. They will mimic what the see and hear. It's ok to have bad days, but talk to them about the situation and let them see apologies when mistakes are made. 

Gray divorce: Why is it on the rise and what are the effects?

According to recent statistics, the number of marriages ending in Arizona and across the United States is on the decline. However, in one demographic, the divorce rate is climbing dramatically. Across the country,  the divorce rate among adults ages 50 and older has almost doubled over the last two decades. This phenomenon has become known as gray divorce, and it's happening for a number of reasons.

As couples age and kids move out, some couples are finding that have grown apart. Many gray divorcees say that the marriage lost the spark it had in the earlier years. They come to a mutual understanding that divorcing is the best course of action. Infidelity also plays a big role in gray divorce. Cheating doesn't have the stigma it once had, and the many dating websites these days often encourage infidelity.

Child support laws can vary greatly from state to state

It's not uncommon for parents in Arizona to split up and go their separate ways. Although separated parents may no longer be obligated to each other, they are still obligated to provide for and support their children. Fortunately, every state across the country has established child support systems to help meet the financial needs of children whose parents have separated. Typically, the noncustodial parent makes payments to the custodial parent. However, child support payments vary greatly from state to state.

They vary for several reasons. States calculate child support using different criteria, and judges also have discretion. Some states are more progressive, while other states lag behind and still haven't factored in the cost of living these days. Reportedly, states are supposed to review child support guidelines every four years. However, there are a few states that still don't account for the fact that the majority of women work these days.

Tips to alleviate stress amid divorce

Make no mistake about it, ending a marriage is one of life's most difficult experiences. Divorce is incredibly stressful and often overwhelming. For Arizona residents currently going through divorce, these tips may help to prevent added stress.

When emotions suddenly arise, one of the most helpful things to do to induce a calm state is to practice deep breathing. Those who experience stress often revert to short, shallow breathing. Remembering to take deep breaths will relieve stress and help with relaxation. Exercise is also one of the very best ways to get rid of stress. Benefits can be felt from as little as 10 minutes of exercise.

Special points to consider in your parenting plan

The terms of the parenting plan you have with your ex must include points that benefit your children. There are some general things that you should include in all parenting plans. These include things like the parenting time schedule and who is going to make decisions for the kids.

There are other considerations, too. These provisions can help to make the arrangement easier since everyone knows what's allowed and what to expect.

Michael Strahan and ex-spouse involved in child support dispute

In today's world, it often takes two incomes for families to make ends meet. When parents separate, suddenly going from two incomes down to one can have detrimental effects, especially for children. Fortunately, Arizona has established child support laws to ensure that the financial needs of children are met. However, parents sometimes fail to reach agreements, causing disputes to erupt. When this happens, the children suffer.

A child support dispute involving Former NFL player and current talk-show host Michael Strahan recently made headlines. According to reports, the mother of Strahan's children recently filed a case concerning child support payments that Strahan allegedly failed to make. The ex-spouses divorced in 2006 and have twin daughters together.

Divorce can happen to anyone

For many newlyweds, marriage often feels euphoric and perfectly permanent. But, as the new wears off, it takes work from both parties to make a marriage successful over the long-term. People change, situations change and goals change, so, sometimes, divorce may be the best course of action for Arizona residents. As one high-profile couple is finding out, divorce can affect any marriage.

According to recent reports, former vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin and her husband are seeking a divorce. Sarah Palin became governor of the state of Alaska in 2006 and was the running mate of presidential candidate John McCain. Her husband, Todd Palin, recently filed paperwork citing incompatibility of temperament as the reason for the couple's split, reports indicate.

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