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Child support laws can vary greatly from state to state

It's not uncommon for parents in Arizona to split up and go their separate ways. Although separated parents may no longer be obligated to each other, they are still obligated to provide for and support their children. Fortunately, every state across the country has established child support systems to help meet the financial needs of children whose parents have separated. Typically, the noncustodial parent makes payments to the custodial parent. However, child support payments vary greatly from state to state.

They vary for several reasons. States calculate child support using different criteria, and judges also have discretion. Some states are more progressive, while other states lag behind and still haven't factored in the cost of living these days. Reportedly, states are supposed to review child support guidelines every four years. However, there are a few states that still don't account for the fact that the majority of women work these days.

According to a recent study, there are three states that still don't factor in the income of mothers. In these states, the father's child support payments are an average of $100 higher. Other factors that play a role in child support payments are things like remarriage, health insurance and alimony.

Most people believe that child support should be tied to the cost of living. However, this is not always the case. Federal laws allow states to set their own rules regarding child support, so it can vary greatly. To gain an understanding of the laws surrounding child support in Arizona, parents should consider discussions with an experienced family law attorney.

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