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This child custody arrangement provides a stable home for kids

It's no secret that ending a marriage is tough, and it's even more difficult when kids are involved. For children, this massive change can be very traumatizing. According to recent research, an amicable, low-conflict separation is crucial for the well-being of children in Arizona. To accomplish this, some divorced parents have taken up a unique child custody arrangement known as nesting or birdnesting.

In this type of arrangement, divorced parents have separate residences, but keep the family home intact and rotate living there with the children. The benefit is that the children's environment basically remains the same, and there's less change and disruption for them. One drawback to this type of arrangement is that it may not be feasible for families who are not wealthy. However, some parents who participate in nesting have a studio apartment that they share and rotate in order to cut down on expenses.

Most proponents of nesting agree that it works best as a short-term arrangement. Nesting for periods of time longer than say six months may induce anxiety in children. Children can begin to feel uncertain and wonder what it will really be like to have different homes. Ultimately, nesting works best as a brief transitional period meant to soften the shock and sudden change brought on by divorce.

Nesting is a unique arrangement that is gaining traction in Arizona and across the country. However, when it comes to child custody, parents' top priority should be an arrangement that serves the best interests of the children. Parents who have questions or concerns surrounding child custody may want to consider discussions with a knowledgeable family law attorney.

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