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Special points to consider in your parenting plan

The terms of the parenting plan you have with your ex must include points that benefit your children. There are some general things that you should include in all parenting plans. These include things like the parenting time schedule and who is going to make decisions for the kids.

There are other considerations, too. These provisions can help to make the arrangement easier since everyone knows what's allowed and what to expect.

Set conduct conditions

There are conditions of conduct that can benefit all child custody situations. One that should be standard is that respect is a priority. It is easy to let your emotions get the best of you, but it isn't something that makes the arrangement any easier. Not showing each other respect also teaches the children negative behavior since they will think that the disrespect is normal.

Another thing to forbid is disparaging language. You and your ex might not be married now, but you are both still your child's parents. Saying bad things about each other can harm your children. They might hear the things their parents are saying about each other, and others might be swayed by those statements.

Include travel and time considerations

Parenting time is precious because the time with your kids is limited. While children should participate in extracurricular activities, both parents need to agree on these. Neither parent should sign a child up if the activity will take the child away from the other parent.

When you think about these points, make sure that you take the cost of these activities into account. Unless both adults agree to the activity, there might not be anything that requires the parents to split the cost.

Agree on major house rules

The house rules that you have can impact the children. Some parents opt to have major house rules, such as the child's curfew, set the same in both homes. If you have rules like this, put them into the parenting plan so everyone has a reminder of what is expected.

You might want other provisions in the document. Make sure that you discuss any that you'd like with your ex so that a decision can occur. Having things in writing benefits you and your children since you can refer back to it when necessary and your children know what to expect.

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