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Michael Strahan and ex-spouse involved in child support dispute

In today's world, it often takes two incomes for families to make ends meet. When parents separate, suddenly going from two incomes down to one can have detrimental effects, especially for children. Fortunately, Arizona has established child support laws to ensure that the financial needs of children are met. However, parents sometimes fail to reach agreements, causing disputes to erupt. When this happens, the children suffer.

A child support dispute involving Former NFL player and current talk-show host Michael Strahan recently made headlines. According to reports, the mother of Strahan's children recently filed a case concerning child support payments that Strahan allegedly failed to make. The ex-spouses divorced in 2006 and have twin daughters together.

Reportedly, Strahan was ordered to pay $18,000 a month in child support back in 2007. In the recent filing, it is alleged that Strahan has failed to follow through on a promise to support the costs of his daughter's horseback riding lessons. Strahan's representatives say that he has always honored commitments and the accusations are false. Strahan said he intends to do what is best for the children and is properly handling the affair in court.

Even though parents may no longer be obligated to each other, they still have an obligation to their children. Even the most famous celebrities are not exempt and must abide by child support laws and agreements. The penalties for failing to pay child support can be very stringent. In Arizona, those who have questions about any aspect of child support could gain clarity by consulting an attorney experienced in family law.

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