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Divorce can happen to anyone

For many newlyweds, marriage often feels euphoric and perfectly permanent. But, as the new wears off, it takes work from both parties to make a marriage successful over the long-term. People change, situations change and goals change, so, sometimes, divorce may be the best course of action for Arizona residents. As one high-profile couple is finding out, divorce can affect any marriage.

According to recent reports, former vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin and her husband are seeking a divorce. Sarah Palin became governor of the state of Alaska in 2006 and was the running mate of presidential candidate John McCain. Her husband, Todd Palin, recently filed paperwork citing incompatibility of temperament as the reason for the couple's split, reports indicate.

Records show that the couple has been married for 31 years and have five children together. Reportedly, Todd Palin wants equal division of marital assets and debts, and seeks joint custody of one child who lives at home. A filed complaint said that the couple finds it impossible to continue living together as man and wife.

Couples in the public eye are often held to a higher standard, but they are not immune to the pitfalls of divorce. It's no secret that separating from a spouse is not easy, and those who are going through divorce can experience a myriad of emotions. The emotions felt during this tumultuous time can hinder a person's ability to make rational decisions. Those in Arizona who are thinking about divorce could obtain much-needed guidance by consulting an experienced and knowledgeable family law attorney.

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