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Program aimed at collecting child support has been a success

Often when parents separate, the family goes from two incomes down to one. Loss of income directly affects the children, so, unfortunately, they usually suffer the most when this happens. Every state in the country, including Arizona, has enacted child support laws so that children will have the financial support they need. Breaking these laws can result in steep consequences. A few years ago, the state of Arizona started a program aimed at collecting unpaid child support from evading parents, and this program has proved to be successful.

This program, known as the Deadbeat Parent Initiative, was launched in 2016. The program's mission is to locate evasive parents who owe unpaid child support and to post their pictures online for the public to see. The pictures of these child support evaders are posted on the website of the Department of Economic Security and also on social media.

When the initiative was first launched, many people were skeptical if the public shaming technique would work. Apparently, the program is working as intended. The office of the governor recently released new numbers, and, reportedly, over $1.2 million in unpaid child support has been collected since the program's inception. The aim of the Deadbeat Parent Initiative is to make sure that children get the economic support they need, and the results have been very promising.

The purpose of child support is to provide children with financial assistance so that they can have the things they need, such as food and shelter. Parents who do not pay child support could face jail time. Child support laws can vary by state. Arizona parents who have questions could obtain much-needed guidance by consulting a legal representative.

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