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Program aimed at collecting child support has been a success

Often when parents separate, the family goes from two incomes down to one. Loss of income directly affects the children, so, unfortunately, they usually suffer the most when this happens. Every state in the country, including Arizona, has enacted child support laws so that children will have the financial support they need. Breaking these laws can result in steep consequences. A few years ago, the state of Arizona started a program aimed at collecting unpaid child support from evading parents, and this program has proved to be successful.

Avoid making your children choose sides in a divorce

Your behavior during a divorce can have a direct impact on how your children handle the situation. You have to think about what's best for them and their needs as you work through these matters. It can be hard to remember this sometimes when things are getting heated and you feel like you are trapped in a never-ending battle.

The factors in determining child custody

Ending a marriage is never easy, but when children are involved, the experience of divorce can be even more difficult. The number one priority for parents is the well-being of their children, so the most important decision during this time typically revolves around child custody. There are a number of factors that courts in Arizona take into account when determining which parent will have custody.

Considering divorce? Become familiar with new tax laws

At first, all marriages are joyous occasions and cause for celebration. However, it is a statistical fact that half of all marriages in the United States will end in divorce. Ending a marriage is undoubtedly difficult and can have significant financial ramifications. Those in Arizona who have recently divorced or are planning to divorce should be aware of recent tax law changes.

Children suffer when child support payments are neglected

For parents in Arizona, the number one priority is the safety and well-being of their children. However, when parents split, it can sometimes have negative financial implications on the family. These days, food, clothing, shelter and other necessities often require financial support from both parents. Child support laws were established so that the needs of children can be financially fulfilled. Those who break these laws can face harsh penalties, including jail time.

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