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Summer is the season of divorce

Summer in Arizona is traditionally a time of barbecues, vacations and fun. However, according to a recent study, summer is also a time when divorce filings ramp up. During this season, children are out of school and vacations are planned, which can add stress to a lot of marriages. As couples spend more time together, problems in the marriage can get exacerbated. If problems persist, some experts say summer is also a good time to begin planning for a divorce.

If spouses want to separate, planning should begin months before the actual divorce. Summer is often a good time to plan ahead and begin conversations with attorneys, financial planners and the family, of course. Begin collecting information about assets, financial accounts, credit card statements and any other records that may be needed.

For couples who are unsure about their marriage, counseling is a good option to consider. Discernment counseling, a type of counseling for couples who are on the edge of divorce, can help couples decide for themselves what is best for them. This is an emotional time for couples, but counseling can help spouses to take a step back and make careful decisions.

Parents who are considering a separation should also wait to tell children until plans are more concrete. For many people, it seems most of the stress during this time comes from uncertainty and not knowing what the outcomes of a divorce may be. This is why it is always imperative to seek legal advice. Those in Arizona who are contemplating divorce should consider discussions with an attorney experienced in family law.

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