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How to move on after the heartbreak of divorce

Those who experience the end of a marriage can find themselves drowning in emotions. During a divorce, it's not uncommon to feel stuck, and coping with the heartbreak that often follows a split can definitely be tough to handle. Moving on after a big life event like divorce is not easy, but drawing on the positives of this situation is a good place to start. Here are a few more tips for those in Arizona who suddenly find themselves amid the turmoil of a divorce.

No couple gets married with separation in mind, but yet nearly half of all marriages will end in divorce. Unfortunately, plans do not always work to expectations. Divorce is not unlike death, and in order to heal the sadness, these emotions must first be felt and processed. Embrace the grief, feel it and process it. Grief will then turn to acceptance and, ultimately, forgiveness.

When this journey begins, it is common to feel isolated and alone, which makes the experience even more difficult. Support is crucial during a crisis event like divorce. Seek out support such from friends, family, religious affiliations and professionals. A network of support makes the transition from married to single much easier.

Always keep in mind that endings always lead to new beginnings. Use this new freedom to explore and find things that bring joy instead of heartbreak. Seeking professional legal assistance is always recommended during this time. Arizona residents who find themselves going through a separation may want to consider discussing the matter with an attorney. An experienced legal representative can answer questions and help individuals navigate the tumultuous waters of divorce.

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