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Divorce: Learning to let go

Marriages in Arizona end for countless reasons, but separating from a spouse is rarely easy. Divorce is a lot like death, in that someone close and familiar is lost. Like a death, there may be a grieving period following a divorce. Also like death, in order to get over it, it is important to learn to let it go.

Yes, a divorce can be traumatic and hard to get over, but hanging on to the past will only bring disappointment in the future and can prevent a person from beginning a new life. Staying attached to a past outcome or a person will cause suffering and will not change the events that have occurred. Peace can never be obtained by living in regret over what has happened in the past. Do not resist what is.

After a divorce, it is not uncommon to hang on to any wrong-doings from an ex-spouse. Thoughts of revenge are also very common. However, it is much more productive to focus this energy on creating a new life. It is hard to notice the good and worthy things that are happening in the moment by being fixating on what's wrong in the situation. Make peace with the situation and release it.

Guilt is also common following a separation. Instead of living every day in self-recrimination, seek forgiveness and understand that every person makes mistakes. During this time, seeking the advice of a professional is always helpful. An experienced and knowledgeable attorney can answer any questions and provide much-needed guidance to any Arizona resident going through the experience of divorce

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