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Life after divorce: Conquering fear

The end of a marriage is often a very unsettling and scary time. The thought of going through life alone can induce fear, crippling anxiety and, often, depression. For those in Arizona who are going through divorce for the fist time, there are so many unknowns, and its only human to fear the unknown. Knowledge is a great way release the chains of fear.

Separating from a spouse will almost always make a person feel isolated and alone. But just know that the loneliness will not last forever. In order to facilitate the healing process, consider this new-found alone time as a time of personal rediscovery. Without question, divorce can be extremely tough on children and their behaviors may change. Parents should not be alarmed by their childrens' outbursts, but be present and validate their feelings.

In marriage, spouses often have many mutual friends and exist in the same social circle. A divorce often makes family and friends take sides or choose alliances, and losing relationships with in-laws is only normal and to be expected. However, there will be people who will step up and fill these voids. Joining a support group can also be helpful in forming new, supportive relationships.

Undoubtedly, the fear of life after marriage can be debilitating and often prevents newly divorced individuals from moving on. However, fear can be one of the greatest teachers and overcoming it is empowering. With every fear tackled, confidence is gained and the ability to handle fear also grows. The legalities surrounding divorce can be very confusing. Consulting an experienced attorney can be very helpful for any person in Arizona going through divorce.

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