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Award-winning singer files for divorce

No one marries with the end in mind but, unfortunately, not all marriages work. These days in Arizona and across America, half of all married couples end up divorcing. Marriages end for a myriad of reasons, but regardless of reasons, separating from a long-time spouse can be incredibly difficult. Celebrities are constantly under the spotlight and are often held to a higher standard. However, they too suffer the pitfalls of divorce.

Recently, Grammy award-winning singer Monica made headlines when she reportedly filed for divorce from her husband. Monica has been married to former NBA player Shannon Brown since November 2010. According to reports, Monica has submitted the necessary paperwork for the split, but Brown has been unable to seal the divorce papers.

Apparently, there are no details on if the singer will be seeking spousal support or child support. The couple has a five-year-old daughter together, while Monica has two sons from a previous relationship. Reportedly, the break-up has caused quite the buzz on social media, sparking conversation and support from fans around the world.

Celebrities are often looked upon differently in society, but they also go through separations and have many similarities to the lives of the general public. Separating from a spouse is always a stressful and anxiety-filled situation to experience regardless of social status. Those in Arizona who are considering divorce or have questions about the legal ramifications of divorce may benefit by seeking the services of an experienced family law attorney. A legal representative can answer questions, provide much-needed guidance and offer protection for any individuals going through a separation.

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