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Vacation planning as a newly single parent

Taking a vacation with your children isn't always easy, but when you are doing this for the first time as a single parent, you might find that it is even more challenging. If you have recently gone through a divorce, you have to find out what you can do about vacation with your children. Most of the time, the parenting plan will have specific travel and vacation guidelines about what is acceptable.

You should review the order to determine what you need to do. There might be notification requirements or geographical restrictions. If these are included in the order, make sure that you abide by them or you can face legal problems. There are some other ways that you can try to reduce the stress of the situation.

Make plans early

Make the plans for travel as early as you can. This gives you a chance to ensure that you are fully comfortable with what is going to happen so that you aren't dealing with additional stress during the trip. This also gives you time to let your ex know what is going on so that you can find out if there are any conflicts with the travel plans.

Gather paperwork

One way that you can make your vacation a bit easier is to be sure that you have any documentation that you might need. Domestic travel won't require as much as international travel. As long as your children aren't 18 yet, they don't need to have identification to fly domestically.

If you are traveling internationally, they will need a passport. You must have your co-parent's consent to obtain a passport for a minor. You may also need a Ne Exeat Bond to travel internationally with your children.

Additionally, get copies of medical insurance information. While you hope you won't need it, you might feel better if you have it just in case your child does need medical care. Grabbing a list of your child's medications and medical conditions might also be beneficial.

Focus on memories

Your vacation should be a time that you can focus on making positive memories. Take pictures when you can but try not to get stuck behind your camera. You should also make it possible for your children to share their memories with the co-parent. This may happen through phone calls, video chats and photographs. Check your parenting plan to determine if there are any requirements for this.

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