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Advice for those seeking child custody

When Arizona parents divorce, its very common for both parents to want primary custody of the children. Even the most minor disagreements can cause a vicious battle to erupt. Unfortunately, it is often the children who suffer the most from lengthy and vicious child custody battles. There are things that parents can do that may help them to win custody.

First and foremost, an understanding of family law is always beneficial in custody disputes. Custody laws vary by state, so parents should study and familiarize themselves with laws so they know what to expect. Collaboration with the other parent will show the court a willingness to work together as a family. Parents seeking custody should always do what is asked of them by the courts to show a level of commitment. Also, an in-home custody evaluation can very helpful, especially if it is suspected that an ex will attempt to portray a negative impression of home life.

If visitation rights have been granted, spend as much time with children as possible and make sure to help with everyday activities such as homework or chores. While with children, never talk negatively about the other parent or make up allegations about the other parent. Lies and false accusations will backfire in court. 

Most importantly, always keep children out of it and don't involve them in the court case. It can be tempting to share the details with them, but let them be kids and do not place adult burdens on their shoulders. Parents in Arizona who have questions regarding child custody could greatly benefit by seeking the services of a knowledgeable and experienced family law attorney.

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