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Tips for people facing troublesome child custody situations

Many things come into the picture that can complicate child custody matters. Some have to do with child support and accusations of domestic violence. When these troubles arise, the primary focus has to be doing what is best for the children.

It can be difficult for parents who are struggling in these two areas to come up with a plan to get back on track with where they feel they need to be with their children. Take time to think about what you can do to benefit the situation so that you aren't doing random things in vain.

Don't try to hide

There is no reason to try to hide from these tense scenarios. Whether you are late on child support or having trouble adjusting to supervised visits, you shouldn't avoid or delay addressing things. For child support, you might be able to get a modification order so that you can have the payments reduced. This won't take care of the arrears, but it may help you to avoid getting more behind. For supervised visits, try to find out what the court wants you to do to be able to spend unmonitored time with your children.

Abide by the court orders

You need to be sure you are following the court orders that are in place. By complying with them, you are showing the court that you are making an effort. When you don't comply, you can face more legal troubles, which can work against you. One order that is difficult for some people to follow is a protective order that stops them from seeing their children. Even in this case, don't try to skirt around the order. Instead, focus on taking steps that will result in having the order lifted.

Focus on what you can do

Having restrictions placed on you can bring your spirits down. Try to focus on the things you are able to do instead of looking at what you can't do. This can help you to make the most out of a challenging situation.

As time moves forward, you might find that situations change. You may consider petitioning the court to modify the orders in place.

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