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Late-life divorce can present unique challenges

According to recent statistics, more and more couples in Arizona and across the United States are ending marriages later in life. Since 1990, divorce rates have doubled for people age 50 or older. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as gray divorce. Ending a marriage at any age is tough, but separating from a spouse later in life can come with unique challenges.

Recent studies have shown that gray divorce has been linked to symptoms of depression. Unfortunately, those who are depressed or stressed typically become more sedentary, so depression may lead to other physical ailments such as heart disease or diabetes. Chronic stress is a problem also associated with divorce. Stress has been known to cause high blood pressure, obesity and a weakened immune system.

Isolation is also common in those who divorce later in life. Often, the person does not feel like socializing and may not want to leave the house. Men are commonly more affected socially from gray divorce than women. Late life divorce may cause men to become more alienated from children, since mothers were typically more involved in raising the children. Also, since the wife is no longer present, planning social activities falls by the wayside.

Fortunately, there can be positives to gray divorce. This can be a time to celebrate freedom and a new season in life. Some people report being happier and often find energy in new interests, hobbies and relationships. Arizona residents who have questions regarding divorce at any age could benefit by consulting a legal representative. An knowledgeable attorney can provide answers and guidance for those struggling to navigate through this experience.

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