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Child custody: Helpful tips for fathers

When it comes to raising children, woman have traditionally been thought of as the primary care-givers. In the traditional, stereotypical American family, the father goes off to work while mom stays home tending to the house and children. However, these days, more fathers are choosing to take an active role in the lives of their children. When parents split, fathers may have a difficult time obtaining full custody since child custody laws in Arizona and many other states still favor mothers.

There are certain things fathers can do that could increase their chances of winning full custody. One important thing to do is to keep records detailing visits and activities with the children. It is also recommended to log any financial assistance that may have been received. Most judges will inquire about a parent's relationship with a child before awarding full custody rights. Fathers should be ready to respond to any questions during custody proceedings.

For fathers vying for full custody, the relationships with children may be one of the most important factors in custody decisions. However, self-sabotage can be detrimental and obvious mistakes should be avoided. Things like physical altercations with a spouse or taking children for long periods of time unannounced will not look good when it comes time for a verdict.

Regardless of how badly a parent desires custody, the best interests of the children should always be at the forefront. Remember that the health and safety of the children is the number one priority. Arizona parents who have questions regarding child custody laws could benefit by consulting a knowledgeable attorney. A skilled litigator can provide much-needed guidance and help individuals navigate through the confusion of the custody process.

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