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Parenting time schedules vary greatly

One of the biggest considerations of a parenting plan is the schedule that the children will follow. It isn't always easy to decide this, so parents must be sure to think about a variety of factors before they make the decision.

In the past, the child custody schedule usually included being at the custodial parent's house except for every other weekend and two weeks during the summer. This antiquated schedule put the non-custodial parent at a big disadvantage because they didn't have that much time with their children. There are many other options that parents can choose from now. It is even possible to create your own parenting time schedule.

Equal time with both parents

Many child custody agreements these days include the child spending equal time with each parent. This is done in a variety of ways. Alternating weeks is fairly common. This schedule is often the easiest because the child changes homes on the same day of the week.

Another common alternative is that the child switches homes every few days. These schedules vary. One example is the 2-2-3 routine, in which the child spends two days with parent A, then two days with parent B, then three days with parent A, then two days with parent B, and so on. This gives each parent the opportunity to have a three-day weekend with the child.

Some cases use the 2-2-5-5 schedule, in which a child spends two days with each parent and then five days with each parent before starting over again. A 3-3-4-4 schedule is handled the same way, but with a different number of days.

None of these might work for your family. Sit down with your ex, look at all of the schedules involved and find a solution that works. Consider the work schedule for each parent. If a parent works while the child is in school, there might not be any issue. If a parent works third shift, it might be best for the child to be with the other parent during those nights.

Special events and days

Special events and holidays mean that the child custody schedule might not remain the same. You should think ahead to all holidays and determine what is going to happen. If your child will need care while they are off of school, how these arrangements will be handled should be included in the agreement.

For special events, such as school plays, it is imperative to include notification requirements for both parents. Additionally, a code of conduct should be outlined for all events that include both parents or family members from both sides.

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