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Gray divorce is becoming common across the country

Deciding to end a marriage at any age is tough and extremely stressful. These days, more and more senior adults in Arizona are experiencing divorce. According to recent statistics, divorce rates among adults ages 50 and older in the United States have nearly doubled in the last 20 years. Commonly known as gray divorce, this unique situation presents special challenges to senior adults who find themselves thrust into sudden instability.

What can be causing this trend of later-in-life divorce? One factor may be that people are living longer these days, but societal stigmas toward divorce in general have been greatly reduced. It is possible that many senior adults, when faced with the prospect of a longer life, are simply refusing to stay unhappily married. Adult children and grandchildren of gray-divorcees certainly feel the impact. Grandchildren especially may not understand why they no longer see their grandparents together.

The unintended consequences of later-in-life divorce often involve financial issues. Suddenly, parents who stopped working to raise children may have to re-enter the workforce. Some retirees may even be forced to un-retire. Senior adults may find it difficult to land and retain a job. Even in this day and time, age discrimination still occurs in the workplace.

Regardless of age, those who experience the end of a marriage should take this time to focus on themselves and enjoy the opportunities that this new-found liberation can bring about. One of the most important pieces of advice for Arizona residents who are going through divorce is to consult a legal representative. An attorney experienced in all aspects of family law can answer questions and provide guidance during this difficult and trying time.

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