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States now offer programs to help with child support payments

These days, it often takes the income of both parents to make sure the needs of the family are met. However, when parents separate, the household income can plummet and that can ultimately lead to the children going without basic necessities such as clothing or health care. Fortunately, Arizona has established a system of child support to ensure that the economic needs of children are met when parents split. Noncustodial parents who neglect child support payments can face hefty penalties such as driver's license suspension and even jail time. Most states offer some leniency when certain circumstances prevent parents from making child support payments.

One state in particular is offering a program to aid parents who have fallen behind on child support payments. Parents whose driver's license have been suspended due to nonpayment of child support can take advantage of the program to get back on track for their payments. The program is called "Back in the Driver's Seat."

The program will work out agreements with parents to resume payments. Reportedly, agreements will be established on a case by case basis and with no required amount owed in order to reach an agreement. Supporters of the program say that helping parents get back on track with child support payments benefits both parents and children.

Even though parents may be separated, they still have a financial obligation to their children. Child support is court ordered and those who neglect these payments can face harsh penalties. Parents in Arizona parents who have questions about child support could benefit by consulting a legal representative. An experienced family law attorney could answer any questions and provide guidance during this difficult time.

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