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Parents should work together to avoid child custody disputes

The primary concern for most parents in Arizona is the well-being of their children. Because of this, child custody can be a big area of disagreement when parents decide to go their separate ways. It is not uncommon for lengthy child custody battles to be ignited over very minor disagreements. When parents are at odds in a viscous custody battle, the children suffer the most. To serve the best interests of the children and relieve any stress that children may have due to this situation, parents should always cooperate and work to resolve differences.

A child custody battle between Donald Trump Jr. and his soon-to-be former spouse made headlines recently, as the couple reportedly resolved their disputes. According to reports, a formal written agreement will be completed in the coming weeks. Reports said the judge congratulated them on working out their differences.

Their judge informed the parents that by working together they were blocking their children from what would have been an extensive legal process, reports said. According to representatives from both sides, the couple expects to resolve other remaining conflicts fairly quickly. In a joint statement, the couple said they share a tremendous respect for each other.

When parents work together to settle disputes, it helps all parties involved and alleviates any stress that children may feel. In Arizona, child custody exists to facilitate the needs of both children and parents. Those who have questions regarding the laws surrounding child custody in Arizona should consult a legal representative. An experienced attorney could answer any questions and provide guidance through this often stressful experience.

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