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Child support program offers help to those behind on payments

For parents in Arizona and across the nation, the needs of children are a primary concern. When parents separate, a shock is often felt as two incomes are suddenly reduced to one. To offset this loss, child support laws were established in all states. Unfortunately, sometimes the noncustodial parent cannot make child support payments, which can eventually result in jail time. Instead of throwing offenders in jail, one state uses a program to help those behind on payments.

The program was started in 2012 to obtain payments from noncustodial parents who were delinquent by helping them find employment. According to one advocate, before the program was started, parents who couldn't make payments were given jail time over and over while the children were not getting much-needed financial support. Now, the program works with unemployed parents one-on-one to help them find work.

Reportedly, those who have qualified for the program visit with workers once a week until employment is found. Parents graduate from the program after maintaining a job for at least 90 days. One worker says that many who are in the program face challenges such as lack of training and criminal records. According to records, 243 people have graduated from the program with 124 people currently active.

Financially struggles affect the majority people at some point during their lifetime. It is good to know that programs are being implemented around the country to help children get the needed financial support. Arizona residents who have questions regarding child support may want to consider speaking with an attorney experienced in family law. 

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