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Women can face unique financial challenges after divorce

The end of a marriage can be an emotionally and psychologically draining experience. Divorce can present many special challenges for women in particular, especially financially. A recent survey concluded that 46 percent of women experienced financial struggles post-divorce. In Arizona and across the country, there are resources available for newly-divorced women to help alleviate financial stress.

Traditionally, it was common for men to take on the responsibility of managing all finances during a marriage. In this case, when the marriage ends, the woman is left in the dark financially. Women can be forced to adapt and almost spontaneously come up with a way to support themselves financially. Obviously, the most difficult adjustment for most women is going from two incomes to one.

Before negotiating a divorce, it is important for women to gain an understanding of joint expenses and separate expenses. Doing this will paint a clearer picture of the cost of living post-divorce. With women living longer than ever, retirement and investing are also very important things to consider. By learning about investing and contributing to a retirement fund, women can ensure themselves a better financial future.

Another source of anxiety for any individual considering a split is the cost of ending a marriage. As taxing as this experience is for a person's psyche, it can be absolutely devastating financially for those that are unprepared. Those in Arizona who have questions regarding divorce or the financial implications of divorce could benefit by consulting a legal representative. An experienced attorney can provide guidance and make sure that an individual is financially aligned for the best possible outcome in this situation.

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