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Child support payments are being updated in several states

A divorce or split means that a family potentially goes from two incomes down to one. Child support payments are court-ordered payments that are made periodically by the noncustodial parent to the custodial parent to support the needs of the children such as education, health care, food, clothing and shelter. Child support systems were established in Arizona and across the country to ensure that children do not suffer the economic impact that often comes with the end of a relationship. However, since the U.S. economy has grown exponentially in the last 20 years, many states are in need of updates to the way child support payments are calculated.

One state is making changes to the way child support is calculated and other states may soon follow suit. In some states, these calculations have not changed since the early 1990s, and were derived from the economic data of the 1980s. The overall goal of the changes is the collection of more payments for children.

Changes in one particular state may make it easier for parents to meet these obligations, resulting in a higher percentage of payments collected. These changes include the deduction of health insurance payments from the income of the paying parent, an increase in the minimum monthly child support payment from $50 to $80 and even a reduction in the amount paid for parents that spend a significant amount of time with children. Those in favor of the changes say that updating payment laws to coincide with economic changes only makes sense.

The way these payments are calculated may soon be updated in Arizona and many other states as well. The laws surrounding child support can be confusing. An experienced family law attorney could provide answers and guidance to those in Arizona who want to know more about child support laws.

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