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Neglecting child support could mean harsh penalties

In Arizona and across the country, a system of support has been established for children whose parents have split. Child support laws require the noncustodial parent to provide financial support for the benefit of children. These funds are primarily to be used to pay for necessities such as shelter, food, clothing and health care. However, it is not uncommon for the noncustodial parent to neglect these payments. Nonpayment of child support not only has a negative impact on children, but it can also mean very strict penalties for those refuse to pay child support.

A man in another state is facing criminal charges for allegedly lying about his income in order to avoid a higher child support payment. Reportedly, the man works as a police officer and allegedly filed false payroll statements. The man allegedly told a family court judge that his schedule had changed as a reason for his change in income.

The alleged scam was uncovered during an investigation into other offenses supposedly committed by the man. Reports say that the man was able to withhold over $15,000 in child support payments by falsifying his income. The man faces criminal charges and, if convicted, could face up to seven years in prison and also termination of his employment as a police officer.

Whether together or separated, parents have a legal obligation to provide financial support to their children. Harsh penalties await those parents who choose to break child support laws. Arizona parents who have questions regarding child support could benefit by consulting a legal representative. A knowledgeable family law attorney could provide answers and much-needed guidance.

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