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Several arrested for negligent child support payments

A top priority in the lives of Arizona parents should be the well-being of their children. For a number of reasons, parents may decide to split. In today's world, it often takes financial support from both parents to meet the needs of children, and single parents often struggle financially to support their children, regardless of income. For this reason, child support laws have been established across the country. Those that break these laws and neglect to pay child support can face hefty fines and even jail time.

In an attempt to collect unpaid child support, a county in another state recently served several arrest warrants and conducted a roundup of parents who have neglected their child support payments. According to reports, 18 total people were arrested. To locate those whom had arrest warrants, officers often contacted the parents of the offenders. One officer said that the parents were more than willing to help.

Of those arrested, the amounts owed ranged from about $1,000 to $73,000, officers said. Most of those arrested were taken in on warrants for nonpayment of child support, but a few others also had arrest warrants for other alleged crimes, reports said. County officials said that this type of roundup is done at least once a year.

Refusing to pay child support can mean stiff penalties for the non-custodial parent and could even mean jail time. However, neglecting to make these payments affects children the most. Those in Arizona who have questions regarding child support laws should seek the services of a knowledgeable and experienced attorney.

Source:, "18 arrested for failure to pay child support", Deborah Mckeon, April 27, 2018

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