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More women are paying child support these days

An interesting trend is taking shape in Arizona and across the country. In recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of women paying child support. Traditionally, men earned higher incomes and were noncustodial parents, so they were required to pay child support to mothers. Child support laws were put in place in every state to make sure that children get the financial support they need. More women are being ordered make these payments, since women today occupy higher paying positions and make more money than they used to.

According to recent statistics, mothers are the primary breadwinners in four our of every 10 families in America. When a marriage ends and a family breaks apart, women who are the primary breadwinners may be forced to pay child support or spousal support. Due to traditional stereotypes, many women are surprised and caught off guard when they are ordered to pay support.

These days, it is also becoming more common for fathers to be the child care provider and the custodial parent. Not only are more women paying child support than ever before, more women are also being ordered to make alimony payments. These trends support recent studies showing that women are becoming more economically powerful.

Those notable trends display a shift in traditional stereotypes that is taking place across the country. Women are making more money than ever. More mothers are becoming the primary breadwinners and more fathers are becoming stay-at-home dads. Although more women than every are paying child support, the applicable laws can be confusing. Those in Arizona who have questions regarding child support laws should consult an attorney experienced in family law.

Source:, "More women are now paying alimony and child support", Meera Jagannathan, May 17, 2018

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