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Famous actor and ex-wife come to new child support agreement

When parents end a marriage they may no longer obligated to each other, but they still have an obligation to support their children. Child support laws were enacted in Arizona and across the United States to ensure that children get the financial support they need. Even celebrities must abide by these laws. Actor Jeremy Renner recently made headlines when he and his ex-wife reached a new child support agreement.

According to records, Renner and his ex-wife split in 2015 and agreed to share custody of their now 5-year-old daughter. Records indicate that, in the original agreement, Renner was paying $13,000 per month and an additional 5 percent if he makes over $2.3 million a year. Sources say that Renner's current income is around $11.4 million which means he would have to pay an additional $292,000 this year.

However, reports say that the former spouses have reached a new agreement. In the new agreement, Renner's payments will not exceed $200,000 per year until 2020, according to court documents. Any amount paid in excess will go into an account to fund their daughter's future education, records say.

Although some may hold celebrities to a higher standard and think that exemptions exist, celebrities must also obey child support laws. In this instance, the income may be much higher than average, but the principle remains the same: parents are legally obligated to support the needs of their children. In Arizona, the penalties for unpaid child support can be steep. Those who have questions about child support laws should consult an attorney experienced in family law.

Source: People, "Jeremy Renner Reaches New Child Support Agreement With Ex-Wife", Stephanie Petit, April 17, 2018

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