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Those delinquent on child support payments may face jail time

Parents have a duty and obligation to support their children. When parents separate, child support laws ensure that the financial needs of the children are met. In Arizona and across the country, the penalties for unpaid child support can be steep. Refusal to pay child support can have negative consequences for the noncustodial parent; however, it often affects the children the most.

As prices for food and other necessities continue to rise, single parents often have trouble making ends meet. For example, a mother of three in another state says she is struggling to meet the basic needs of children because their father is severely delinquent on court-ordered child support payments. The woman alleges that she has not received payments since 2013.

The mother claims she is doing all she can just to put food on the table and make sure utilities are paid. The father alleges that he has made payments in the past, but the payments were not recorded because they were not sent through the Department of Human Resources. According to records, the noncustodial parent owes over $52,000 in child support.

In Arizona and other states, complaints can be filed when a noncustodial parent is more than three months past due on child support payments. Sometimes, the judge can choose to meet with the noncustodial parent a few months down the road to see if the rules are being followed and payments are being made. If the delinquent parent fails to comply, he or she may end up with jail time. Parents that have questions regarding child support can benefit by seeking the services of an experienced family law attorney.

Source:, "Delinquent child support often difficult to collect", Michele W. Forehand, Feb. 17, 2018

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