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High-profile couple settles lengthy divorce

For couples in Arizona and elsewhere, the end of a marriage is a life-altering experience that can quickly become stressful, traumatic and definitely expensive. When a celebrity couple decides to divorce, it can quickly turn complicated due to the division of multiple properties and other aspects non-celebrities generally don't face, such as royalty rights. However, like all divorces, celebrity divorces are sometimes settled quickly, allowing both parties to move on.

Recently, a long, drawn-out divorce involving famous singer Mary J. Blige and her former spouse, Kendu Isaacs, made headlines when the ex-spouses finally settled their differences. According to reports, Blige and Isaacs filed for divorce in mid-2016 after 13 years of marriage. The couple were supposed to appear in court recently, but court documents say that their divorce has been settled.

Last year, Blige was ordered to pay Isaacs $30,000 in spousal support in addition to $135,000 that she was already paying out. It is reported that Blige also had to pay $100,000 in attorney fees and other expenses. The terms of the settlement are not known, but sources say that both parties are ready to move on and put their divorce behind them.

Although this couple put their differences aside, sometimes disagreements and misunderstandings can lead to a high degree of conflict between parties in a divorce. Whether a divorce threatens to be contentious or both spouses can work together to end their union, obtaining the guidance of a skilled and experienced family law attorney is recommended. A skilled attorney can help Arizona residents navigate through this confusing and difficult time while always maintaining a focus on his or her client's rights and best interests.

Source: Entertainment Tonight, "Mary J. Blige and Kendu Isaacs Settle Divorce Out of Court", Alex Ungerman???, March 6, 2018

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