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Carefully plan your property division tactics

The property division process during a divorce can get very sticky. You may think that determining the fate of the marital home will be the most difficult aspect of the divorce. You might be surprised to find that other assets and pieces of property pose even more of a challenge.

You need to have a plan going into the property division process. It requires finesse, patience, a clear vision and effective communication skills. Here are some important considerations to keep in mind.

Take stock of assets

Take a look at the assets that need to be divided. Don't focus only on the large, valuable assets. Make sure you think about the smaller assets that might cause a problem during the property division process. Things like the art collection, even if it is from lesser known artists, or items with sentimental value might prove to be more difficult to divide than things like the cars.

Decide what you can't live without

Take a look at your list of assets. Decide which ones you are going to fight for during the property division process. Take a look at their value so that you have an idea of what the divorce settlement might look like. You may have a sense of what your ex will want so that you can already guess where contention might come into the picture. Take a realistic approach and decide which assets you absolutely can't live without. Those are the ones to focus on when you are in negotiations.

Don't get emotionally involved

You might realize that you are emotionally attached to many of the assets that have to be divided. Being overly emotional about assets is a recipe for disaster. There is a chance that being unwilling to compromise could lead to the court making the decision about who walks away with what. The court won't consider emotions or sentimental value. Instead, it only considers the letter of the law. In most cases, you are better off working through the issues during mediation so that your wishes are considered.

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