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NBA star involved in child custody battle

In Arizona, custody laws exist to protect and facilitate the needs of not only children but parents as well. Unfortunately, parents may sometimes disagree on child custody, and a custody battle may ensue. When this happens, it is typically the children who suffer the most. A child custody battle involving the children of NBA star Blake Griffin and his ex-fiance made headlines recently, as Griffin made attempts to gain custody of their children.

According to reports, Griffin legally filed for paternity of his two children that he shares with his former fiancee, Brynn Cameron. This type of filing is usually the first step to determining legal custody. Reports also indicate that Griffin recently began dating Kendall Jenner and filed the papers right after the two began their relationship. Cameron responded to Griffin's filing by filing her own legal documents.

Reports say that Cameron filed papers seeking joint custody, which was the original agreement when the couple split earlier in the year. Cameron is also requesting to establish child support, reports say, as Griffin recently signed a new contract worth $173 million. Cameron claims that she feels Griffin neglected the family by walking out on them to begin a relationship with Jenner.

Unfortunately, disagreements like this can arise in any child custody case. No matter what scenerios arise, parents must always understand that the top priority is the well-being of the children. Arizona residents can benefit from discussions with an experienced legal representative if they are experiencing issues regarding custody. Understanding current child custody laws could have a positive outcome for children and parents alike.

Source:, "Blake Griffin In Custody Battle With Ex Over 2 Kids", Jenna Lemoncelli, Dec. 26, 2017

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