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December 2017 Archives

Choosing a parenting arrangement isn't always simple

In the past, parents who weren't married used a basic formula of custody that involved the mother having the child for the overwhelming majority of the time. It wasn't uncommon for a father to only see his children once every two weeks, for a couple of weeks during the summer, and every other holiday. As society has changed, this arrangement has taken a back burner to some more child-friendly arrangements.

NBA star involved in child custody battle

In Arizona, custody laws exist to protect and facilitate the needs of not only children but parents as well. Unfortunately, parents may sometimes disagree on child custody, and a custody battle may ensue. When this happens, it is typically the children who suffer the most. A child custody battle involving the children of NBA star Blake Griffin and his ex-fiance made headlines recently, as Griffin made attempts to gain custody of their children.

Coping strategies for those going through divorce

Deciding to end a marriage can be a very a difficult and stressful decision to make and have a multitude of emotional and psychological ramifications. Divorce can affect a person at all levels. No person plans on divorcing when they first get married, but sometimes certain circumstances arise and ending the marriage is the only option left on the table. Although parting ways with a spouse is never easy, there are strategies that Arizona couples can use to ease the impact of a divorce.

Does same-sex divorce differ from opposite-sex divorce?

Same-sex marriage rights are still new across the U.S. In Arizona, same-sex couples have only been legally allowed to get married or have out-of-state marriages recognized for three years. As states adjust to these rights being upheld, their laws need to be updated to comply with Obergefell v. Hodges.

Shared parenting could be the best solution for child custody

In recent years, shared parenting has become a more popular agreement when Arizona parents decide to end a marriage. More and more states are passing new child custody laws that encourage and facilitate co-parenting arrangements. Traditionally, primary custody of children was awarded to mothers, long considered the natural caregivers. However, these days more custody rights are being given to fathers, as modern-day dads continue to take a more active role in the lives of their children.

Spliting assets amid divorce

Ending a marriage these days can be a costly experience, not only in Arizona but across the country. The financial ramifications of divorce can be astounding and definitely overwhelming. In a marriage, most couples may acquire many assets with shared ownership. During a split, questions may arise regarding these shared assets and what to do about them.

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