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Child support in high-end divorce can be complicated

From the time you have spent in checkout lines, you know that child support settlements can be very costly to entertainers and pro athletes.

Here is a listing of some well-known figures and their reported monthly child support amounts:

Reported Child Settlements of Celebrities

  • Paul McCartney, $5,833
  • Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson, $11,030
  • Madonna, $15,000 (estimated)
  • Halle Berry, $16,000
  • Michael Strahan, $18,000
  • Britney Spears, $25,000
  • Nas Jones, $25,000
  • Marc Anthony, $26,800
  • Mel Gibson, $30,000
  • Sean Combs, $45,000 (estimated)
  • Charlie Sheen, $50,000
  • Eddie Murphy, $51,000
  • Donald Trump, $54,166
  • Brendan Fraser, $75,000
  • Kirk Kerkorian, $100,000

These figures are compiled from gossip columns on an Internet celebrity website, but they illustrate how being successful in life may cost you in child support settlements.

Child support at the deep end

Our firm does not represent movie or rock stars, but we do serve clients who have enjoyed success in business - owners, executives, professionals and others. The concern is always to provide or obtain a level of support that will ensure a good standard of living for children of the marriage.

What the exact level of support is, however, is not always clear in the law. Couples with complex assets require in-depth analysis to arrive at levels of support that address the reasonable needs of the child.

For this reason, your best bet is always to work with a family law attorney you trust who is experienced working in "the deep end of the pool."

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