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October 2017 Archives

What to do about taxes during and after a divorce

Its no secret that divorce can be challenging and often emotionally painful for couples in Arizona and across the country. A separation can bring about mixed emotions and both parties can be left with questions about what to do next. Financial situations after divorce can be challenging and sometimes difficult to understand. Separating couples may have many questions pertaining to financial matters, especially taxes.

Major League baseball star sued over alleged unpaid child support

When couples have children, both parents have an obligation to provide financial support for the benefit of those children. In the state of Arizona and across the country, child support laws are in place to ensure that parents honor their financial obligations with respect to their kids. What can be done if a parent chooses to break these laws and does not pay child support? Recently, a lawsuit was filed against Major League Baseball player Miguel Cabrera for allegedly not paying enough in child support.

Should the home be kept or sold amid divorce?

When couples in Arizona and across the United States decide that divorce is inevitable, a bevy of problems and potential disagreements can arise. With couples that own a home, a big question is what to do with the home amid a separation. Unfortunately, the answer to this question is not always black and white. Whether to keep or sell a home after a divorce can depend on a number of factors.

Financial planning during divorce

Couples in the state of Arizona going through a separation can experience a roller coaster of stress and emotions. On top of this, both parties may feel added stress when thinking about finances during and after a divorce. Fortunately, there are certain steps couples can take to better prepare and protect themselves financially when they decide to end their marriage.

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