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Advice for a successful divorce

Contrary to popular belief, ending a marriage doesn't have to be a messy, drawn-out process. Divorce these days is a common-enough occurrence that sometimes can be the best course of action for couples struggling with their marriage. Although divorce can be a tumultuous and emotional experience, it can also be a time of rediscovery and renewed optimism as new life begins. When a couple in Arizona decide to end their marriage, there are steps they can take to better prepare and protect themselves.

Couples should know their debts and assets. It is important to make copies of financial documents and statements such as W-2s, 401(k), pensions and IRAs. Couples should also engage in separating nonmarital assets, or property that they will not be dividing during a divorce proceeding. These can be things like gifts given to one party or items owned before the marriage.

During the divorce process, it is wise for each party to refrain from questionable behavior and avoid things like drugs and alcohol. Avoiding social media is also recommended, at least until the divorce is finalized.  If children are involved, couples should sit down and make a list of visitation options and parenting issues. Each parent should know the details of their children's lives such as their teachers, doctors and activities.

Ending a marriage can be a stressful and emotional experience, and many legal questions may arise. One of the smartest things individuals can do to manage this experience would be to hire a divorce lawyer. An experienced family law attorney can help Arizona residents navigate through this uncertain and extremely challenging time.

Source:, "A Successful Divorce? It's Possible", Michael Wysocki, Sept. 1, 2017

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