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Cultural acceptance of divorce

Statistics will never tell the whole story, but looking at divorce trends as a whole, it shows that divorce is a constant element in modern life—one that’s gaining more acceptance by the year. Divorce rates famously grew during the 1980s and 1990s, but have dropped in recent years. In 2015, the rate was its lowest in almost 40 years. Figures have remained relatively stable in recent years.

As divorce rates hover near 50 percent, one cultural change is acceptance of the act. In a review of Gallup data that looks back to 1954, acceptance is on a clear incline. In 1954, 43 percent of Americans did not “believe” in divorce. In 2001, Gallup data began directly addressing the morality of divorce. That year, 59 percent of those polled found divorce morally okay. In 2015, the number topped 70 percent, including among those who are married themselves—a group traditionally more opposed to divorce.

Divorce is now easier

In Arizona, the divorce rate exceeds the national average, which illustrates how common it now is. As social acceptance has changed, so has the law. In 1968, the country was still grappling with the idea of “easy,” no-fault divorce. Today, it’s recognized across the country, including here in Arizona.

There are still many obstacles

While divorce is now a more common legal process, it still comes with many challenges. Every family has unique dynamics, structures and property. Figuring out how to divide a home, a business and retirement accounts involves a personal touch and a thorough understanding of both financial value and the relationships within a family.

Divorce may be more accepted today, but it’s still a legal process with implications that can affect your life well after its completion. Even if the divorce settlement is uncontested, it’s important to speak with a local attorney to get a clear understanding of what divorce means for you, your children and your property. Society has an improved view of the process today, but there are still obstacles along the way.

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