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Uncontested divorce has its benefits

In some marital split-ups in Arizona, the spouses simply cannot agree on the major issues they are facing, ranging from the division of assets to child custody, child support and spousal support. However, in other divorce cases, the two spouses agree to get divorced and also agree on these types of major issues. In these situations, filing for uncontested divorces may be a beneficial move.

One of the biggest advantages of an uncontested divorce is that it saves a couple in divorce costs. Having representation from an attorney is just as important in an uncontested divorce as it is in a contested divorce. However, the process associated with an uncontested divorce is streamlined, so court costs are ultimately lower.

An uncontested divorce also allows the granting of a divorce to happen much more quickly compared with a contested divorce. This is possible because uncontested divorces feature less legal fighting and fewer proceedings. As a result, both parties can part ways sooner and get on with their individual lives.

Although an uncontested divorce has its benefits, sometimes going through a contested divorce is simply inevitable. With a contested divorce, however, sometimes both parties are still able to achieve a settlement of their divorce matters before going to trial, which can ultimately save them money, time and unnecessary heartache. Whether an uncontested or contested divorce is taking place, an attorney in Arizona can provide guidance to ensure that one's best interests are pursued as far as the major issues of the divorce are concerned.

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