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Family home may be major source of conflict during divorce

Navigating the dissolution of a marriage in Arizona is one of the most difficult experiences anyone can go through, both emotionally and financially. In many divorce situations, the biggest area of concern and contention is the family home, especially if the two divorcing spouses have children together. After all, in many families, the marital home is the largest asset.

Some spouses who are going through divorce prefer to keep the marital home. Meanwhile, others desire to buy new homes with their particular shares of equitable distribution once their divorces have been finalized. Making a decision about the home based on logic rather than merely on emotion is critical to avoid making an unwise financial decision.

For instance, sometimes retaining ownership of the family home seems appealing due to the emotional connection one may have with the house. This is especially true if the children grew up there and the home is filled with many positive memories. However, keeping the home also means having to keep up the home, which may demand more time, money and energy than one can give.

Just like other large and high-value marital assets, the home can be a sticking point during a divorce proceeding. However, if the two spouses are able to find common ground, they may be able to achieve a resolution that satisfies both parties. If not, a judge in Arizona will end up determining what will happen to the family home and/or other assets, and the outcome may not match the desire of either party or both spouses.

Source:, "It's Harder to Divorce the House Than the Spouse!", Ashley Tate Cooper, July 17, 2017

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