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Exchanging information necessary during divorce proceeding

Divorce sometimes cannot be avoided if the two spouses simply cannot reconcile their differences. However, figuring out how to navigate this type of legal proceeding in Arizona can be overwhelming. An important first step to remember when starting out is to file the necessary initial court papers. Typically, one spouse files a petition for divorce, and the other one files a formal answer.

The next step, called the discovery process, is just as important. It involves exchanging important information between the two spouses. The documents that need to be exchanged include a host of topics, including how much income each earns, how much debt there is and what property is owned.

It may be tempting to hide certain assets during the divorce proceeding in an effort to keep a future ex-spouse from getting his or her hands on them. However, any dishonesty during the divorce proceeding will likely be discovered eventually and could have disastrous consequences. For this reason, being honest with one's attorney and with a future ex is important from start to finish.

Dissolving a marriage in Arizona is not an easy process due to the emotional and financial complications involved. However, a savvy attorney can help with each step of the process to pursue a financially secure outcome for the client. The attorney will help handle the exchange of documents early on in the discovery phase and make sure that all aspects of this process and other phases of the divorce proceeding are handled appropriately and in accordance with the client's best interests.

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