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June 2017 Archives

Divorce does not have to ruin financial situation

The process of getting divorced is understandably an emotional one, but it is also a major financial process. This is especially true for couples who have amassed a high volume of assets, particularly high-value assets, over the years. A couple of tips may help with navigating the financial aspect of a divorce in Arizona.

Being prepared critical when embarking on divorce process

The emotional, financial and legal aspects of an Arizona divorce proceeding can make this type of family law proceeding complicated. This is true whether the division of assets involves just a few items or many. It is especially true if the divorce also involves minor-aged children of the parties. 

Legal separation has similarities to divorce proceeding

When two spouses in Arizona are having trouble getting along, they may naturally look for the best immediate solution. In some cases, the spouses go straight to getting a divorce, whereas in other cases, separation is a viable option. A legal separation is not as common but may be helpful when the spouses wish to work through those financial or personal issues that are impacting their marriage.

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