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April 2017 Archives

Addressing the feelings of children during divorce

For most parents, the most difficult conversation that they will have with their children involves the end of a marriage. Suddenly faced with a life-changing transition, sons and daughters of divorce feel torn between two people they love the most. Far too many take the blame for the dissolution of the marriage.

Divorcing in a community property state

Divorce is on the horizon and stress is beginning to build. You thought making the decision to divorce would be the toughest and most emotional part of the process, unfortunately, you were wrong. After you and your spouse agreed that your marital issues were beyond repair, you breathed a slight sigh of relief. Maybe the two of you are more on the same page than you thought?

Who gets the family debt?

While never considered the most romantic aspect of wedding planning, prenuptial agreements are often a necessary step to formally establish asset division should divorce occur. Postnuptial agreements are similar and serve the same purpose, but are drafted and signed after the wedding.

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