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Interesting study portrays the reasons for divorce

In most stereotypical love stories, a couple falls in love, gets married and lives happily ever after. Marriage is often portrayed as a blissful eternal union of two soul mates. However, marriage takes work and can definitely be tough. Approximately half of all marriages in Arizona and across the country will end in divorce. An interesting study was recently conducted to determine the top reasons why most couples get divorced.

For the couples surveyed, about 13 percent cited their reasons for divorce as religious differences or no premarital education. Sometimes, couples can rush into a marriage. Premarital counseling can teach couples how to communicate and what to expect in their new lives together. Also, recent statistics indicate that couples in interfaith marriages are less happy than spouses who share the same religion.

Financial mistakes to avoid during divorce

No couple gets married with the intention of someday ending the marriage. Nevertheless, some say the divorce rate in America stands at a whopping 50 percent, meaning half of all marriages will end in separation. It's no secret that ending any long-term relationship can be very tough and have drastic effects on a person. Divorce can also be extremely expensive. There are a few things Arizona residents need to avoid to prevent this experience from being even more costly.

Posting about a divorce on social media should always be avoided. Boasting about new-found freedom could complicate negotiations and proceedings. Neglecting to get the necessary financial paperwork together is another common mistake. Things like balances and account numbers for all financial accounts, amounts paid for assets, receipts and other financial records should always be retained.

Child custody: Preparation is key

When parents separate, it is not uncommon for both parents to want sole custody of children, igniting a custody battle. Child custody hearings can be intimidating for parents and children alike. However, thorough preparation can increase parents' odds of winning a case. The following tips may be helpful for Arizona parents who are preparing for their first child custody hearing.

It's always helpful to have an idea of what to expect, so parents should know that custody cases are not heard before a jury. Instead, a judge will likely make an immediate decision. When requesting sole or primary custody, the better-parent standard will come into play, which means the judge needs to be convinced who is the better parent. To prepare for this, parents should find out what courts are looking for and display why they're the best caregiver.

4 tips for your finances during a divorce

One of the impacts that a divorce has on a person is financial. Divorce is an expensive prospect, not only because of the cost of the legal proceedings but because you are going to have to take on the expenses of an entire household on your own income.

Even if you are the one to move out of the marital home into a smaller place, you will still have to carry the financial burden on your own. Fortunately, there are ways to prepare for this during a divorce.

    Steps for making divorce as painless as possible

    In life, there are certain events that can bring about enormous change and be difficult to endure. Divorce is a life-changing event that can obviously be very emotional and stressful. For those in Arizona who decide to end a marriage, there are certain things that can be done to make this experience less stressful.

    One of the hardest things to deal with when faced with a divorce is breaking the news to friends and family members. The best way to deliver tough news is to be upfront and honest. Loved ones may feel the need to ask questions, but do not feel the need to go into details about the situation. Brief and authentic responses are all that should be required.

    Helpful advice for fathers paying child support

    Parents can decide to split for a number of reasons. However, a shared and primary concern for all parents is the safety and well-being of their children. Since mothers are most often granted primary custody, fathers are required to pay child support to meet the economic needs of the children. In Arizona, the penalties for neglecting child support are strict and could mean jail time. The following tips could prove helpful to fathers paying child support.

    It is always recommended to make payments on time. Missing just one payment could lead to falling further behind. This can mean suffering strict penalties such as garnished checks and loss of driver's license. When money is tight, pay as much as possible on time. Sending money to an ex-spouse can definitely be frustrating, but threatening to withhold money is illegal and also has negative consequences.

    Steps for an amicable and friendly divorce

    Picture the end of a marriage and thoughts of hostility and anger usually come to mind. The stereotypical divorce in Arizona involves former spouses pitted against one another in a tug of war that is anything but friendly. However, a separation does not have to be a bad thing. An amicable split may be achieved by following these tips.

    Placing blame is a surefire way to worsen an already emotionally-draining situation. To simply divorce, it is imperative that couples work together rather than judge or point out past mistakes. It is recommended that both parties do a bit of self-reflecting before getting together to discuss why the relationship deteriorated and how to move forward. This can bring a mutual understanding and closure to events that have transpired.

    Restarting life after a divorce

    It is never easy to end a marriage. Going from having someone there to being alone and single is an adjustment that can be emotionally and psychologically taxing. Divorce is not unlike a death as the consequential feelings of grief, loneliness and overall sadness are almost impossible to escape. However, there are things that individuals in Arizona can do to help cope with a divorce.

    For a person going through a divorce, one of the most helpful things to do is to surround oneself with supportive people such as family and close friends. The support and encouragement of a close knit group is invaluable when dealing with the intense pain often associated with the experience of divorce. Stay close to trusted friends and positive, uplifting people. Stay away from those who facilitate anger or feelings of sadness.

    Tips for people facing troublesome child custody situations

    Many things come into the picture that can complicate child custody matters. Some have to do with child support and accusations of domestic violence. When these troubles arise, the primary focus has to be doing what is best for the children.

    It can be difficult for parents who are struggling in these two areas to come up with a plan to get back on track with where they feel they need to be with their children. Take time to think about what you can do to benefit the situation so that you aren't doing random things in vain.

    Child custody: Helpful tips for fathers

    When it comes to raising children, woman have traditionally been thought of as the primary care-givers. In the traditional, stereotypical American family, the father goes off to work while mom stays home tending to the house and children. However, these days, more fathers are choosing to take an active role in the lives of their children. When parents split, fathers may have a difficult time obtaining full custody since child custody laws in Arizona and many other states still favor mothers.

    There are certain things fathers can do that could increase their chances of winning full custody. One important thing to do is to keep records detailing visits and activities with the children. It is also recommended to log any financial assistance that may have been received. Most judges will inquire about a parent's relationship with a child before awarding full custody rights. Fathers should be ready to respond to any questions during custody proceedings.

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