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Those going through divorce need support

The breakup of a marriage is a an emotional event that can have psychological impacts, ranging from relief to severe depression. However, the latter seems to be more common. Recent studies involving recent divorces in Arizona and the United States have shown that the emotional and psychological effects of divorce are not unlike the effects of some diseases. Those going through a divorce can experience just as much pain as someone suffering from a physical affliction. They also need just as much help and support in order to recover.

For those that are struggling in a marriage, it is recommended to get help sooner rather than later. Instead of planning for the end, try to remedy the current situation. If saving the marriage is out of the question, then make an attempt to come to a mutual understanding.

Child custody battle involving NBA player recently settled

When Arizona parents decide to split, one of the most common areas of dispute is the custody of the children. In some scenarios, both parents may want primary custody of the children. Unfortunately, this can trigger a child custody battle. It is important for parents to have the best interests of the children in mind and work together to come to an agreement regarding custody.

Fortunately, a custody battle involving NBA player Bryan Forbes and an ex-girlfriend was recently settled. The couple has two young sons together, ages 4 and 1. After the couple split, they both filed for full custody of the children, records say. According to reports, the parents came to an agreement to give Forbes full custody of the children.

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan's divorce could be complicated

When couples in Arizona decide to end a marriage, things can get messy rather quickly. The word divorce in itself is enough to bring about a myriad of mixed emotions. Its common knowledge that people will change over time, and marriages have to adapt or the marriage will be doomed to fail. A high-profile celebrity couple recently made headlines as they announced their separation.

According to reports, actor Channing Tatum and wife Jenna Dewan have decided to end their marriage. The couple has a 4-year-old daughter and were married almost nine years. Questions remain as to what comes next after the couple has decided to split. A prenuptial agreement, or lack thereof, will determine the complexities of the separation. Legal experts agree that, either way, the high-income levels and celebrity status of the couple will most likely make for a complicated divorce.

Shared parenting: Tips to make the arrangement easier

Working with your ex to raise the children you share can be challenging. Even when there are good days, you might be wondering when things will turn sour again. The type of parenting relationship the two of you have has a big impact on how you will be able to handle trying times.

For those who are in a shared parenting arrangement, having a close relationship with your ex can work in your favor. Obviously, you and your ex both want what is best for the child and are willing to work to make that happen. Even then, you might still find yourself facing some challenges. Here are some tips to help you work through the challenges and prevent future issues:

Divorce: How to help children cope

For Arizona parents who decide to end a marriage, the emotional well-being of the children is a top priority. Divorce can be an extremely emotional and challenging experience, especially for children caught in the middle. This situation can be difficult for children to understand, and they may place blame on themselves.

When going through the legal proceedings of divorce, it is crucial to keep children out of it and keep life for them as normal as possible. It is also important to let the children keep positive relationships with both parents. It is not uncommon for parents to make their children choose sides during a split, and this can have lifelong negative ramifications.

Child support dispute involving Britney Spears makes headlines

Supplying basic the needs of children such as food and housing can get quite expensive in this day and age, especially for single parents. In order to see that the needs of the children are being met, noncustodial parents are often required by law in Arizona to pay child support to custodial parents. However, it is not uncommon for discrepancies to arise regarding the details and amounts of these payments.

Recently, a child support battle between famous singer Britney Spears and her ex-husband Kevin Federline made headlines. Apparently, Federline wants an increase in the amount of child support payments from Spears. The couple has two sons together and, according to records, Federline has had full custody of the children since 2008. Reports say that Spears currently pays about $20,000 monthly to Federline.

Planning for retirement amid late-life divorce

Its no secret that the end of a marriage can have drastic effects on finances. Arizona citizens that divorce later in life may have questions about retirement and what will happen to the money they've been saving for the majority of their adult lives. The following tips can help late-life divorcees boost their savings for the retirement that is nearing on their horizon.

It is advisable for those that divorce later in life to think about working an extra year or two before retiring. Those that are already retired may want to consider re-entering the workforce in a part-time position to bolster savings. Every year working only equates to more money in savings. When long-term marriages end, spousal support may also be awarded. This can be extremely helpful to boost retirement savings.

High-profile couple settles lengthy divorce

For couples in Arizona and elsewhere, the end of a marriage is a life-altering experience that can quickly become stressful, traumatic and definitely expensive. When a celebrity couple decides to divorce, it can quickly turn complicated due to the division of multiple properties and other aspects non-celebrities generally don't face, such as royalty rights. However, like all divorces, celebrity divorces are sometimes settled quickly, allowing both parties to move on.

Recently, a long, drawn-out divorce involving famous singer Mary J. Blige and her former spouse, Kendu Isaacs, made headlines when the ex-spouses finally settled their differences. According to reports, Blige and Isaacs filed for divorce in mid-2016 after 13 years of marriage. The couple were supposed to appear in court recently, but court documents say that their divorce has been settled.

New decision from Division One Court of Appeals stands to have substantial impact of Arizona's legal decision-making laws

The Court concludes that "final decision-making authority" is the same as sole legal decision-making and that a Trial Court cannot make a determination for the parents regarding school choice. In such circumstance, parents with joint legal decision-making must mutually make such decision or Petition the Court for determination of which parent shall be designated with sole legal decision-making on the issue of education and once such determination is made, the parent designated with sole legal decision-making on education can unilaterally make the decision of school choice. No. 1 CA-CV 17-0069 FC

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