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How to move on after the heartbreak of divorce

Those who experience the end of a marriage can find themselves drowning in emotions. During a divorce, it's not uncommon to feel stuck, and coping with the heartbreak that often follows a split can definitely be tough to handle. Moving on after a big life event like divorce is not easy, but drawing on the positives of this situation is a good place to start. Here are a few more tips for those in Arizona who suddenly find themselves amid the turmoil of a divorce.

No couple gets married with separation in mind, but yet nearly half of all marriages will end in divorce. Unfortunately, plans do not always work to expectations. Divorce is not unlike death, and in order to heal the sadness, these emotions must first be felt and processed. Embrace the grief, feel it and process it. Grief will then turn to acceptance and, ultimately, forgiveness.

How to thrive after a divorce

Anxiety, heartache and fear are common emotions when marriages end. Divorce is tough -- there's just no easy way to put it. However, it does not have to be all negative. In fact, there are a lot of positives in a divorce, and focusing on these positives can help those in Arizona thrive after a split.

During an emotional event like a divorce, it can be difficult to let go of the past. However, in order to move on, it is crucial to let go of baggage, both emotional and physical. Look at this time as a chance to experience a new life. Try new activities and be open to new opportunities that may happen to come along. This can make divorce a liberating experience instead of an experience that robs a person of joy.

Child custody: Tips for co-parenting during dummer

Summer is a season of fun and freedom for families in Arizona. However, for children of divorced parents, summer can be a time of stress and anxiety. The majority of divorced parents these days are choosing co-parenting as the preferred child custody arrangement. Two-household summers can be difficult, but good co-parenting can help alleviate some of the stress that children experience during this time of year.

Cooperation and communication may be the most important factors when it comes to successful co-parenting or shared parenting. Children will naturally feel more secure and relaxed when parents are on the same page. Unexpected things will always happen, and when they do, it is important to communicate with the other parent. It can also be helpful to seek professional help such as counseling or mediation to address those areas where agreements are elusive.

Yes, you will probably split your retirement account in a divorce

Deciding that a divorce is your best option for future happiness can lead to a large number of confusing complications. For example, you may find yourself worrying about your upcoming retirement and what impact your divorce could have on it.

While it is true that the older you are when you divorce, the less time you have to recover before retirement, you shouldn't let that stop you from pursuing your happiness in your golden years. However, you can avoid unnecessary heartbreak by accepting the reality of divorce, which includes the likelihood of splitting your pension or retirement with your ex.

Divorce: Learning to let go

Marriages in Arizona end for countless reasons, but separating from a spouse is rarely easy. Divorce is a lot like death, in that someone close and familiar is lost. Like a death, there may be a grieving period following a divorce. Also like death, in order to get over it, it is important to learn to let it go.

Yes, a divorce can be traumatic and hard to get over, but hanging on to the past will only bring disappointment in the future and can prevent a person from beginning a new life. Staying attached to a past outcome or a person will cause suffering and will not change the events that have occurred. Peace can never be obtained by living in regret over what has happened in the past. Do not resist what is.

Tips for men dealing with the stigmas surrounding divorce

According to recent statistics, nearly half of all married couples in Arizona and across the United States ultimately decide to separate. Divorce is extremely common these days, so one would think that modern society has learned to accept it. This is not the case as there are still stigmas associated with divorce, especially for men, who are often seen as the bad guys when marriages end. Here are some tips for men on how to deal with the criticism that comes with divorce.

For many divorces, egos play a part in the breakup. However, managing egos after a divorce is key to avoid unwanted and unnecessary drama. When a marriage ends, the stereotype is for ex-spouses to be angry or passive aggressive. Learn to avoid letting these emotions take control.

What parents need to consider regarding child support

When parents split up, the process can quickly get very complicated. Parents only want the best for their children, so things like child support and custody arrangements are usually high on the list of priorities. Each state has differing guidelines regarding which parent pays child support and the amount to be paid. There's never a one-size-fits-all situation so, when appropriate, courts in Arizona are allowed deviate from these guidelines. Here are a few things to consider when going through this experience.

To calculate child support, courts take into account the number of children, each parent's income as well as how much time each parent spends with the children. However, circumstances may change a few months or years down the road. It is important to keep in mind that child support can be modified, and parents are allowed to return to court if child support needs to be amended.

Tips for financial stability during a divorce

Without question, ending a marriage is extremely hard on a person psychologically and emotionally. However, divorce can be equally as hard on finances. It's no secret that divorce is expensive and can create great financial instability. Here are a few tips to help those in Arizona protect themselves financially during a divorce.

Ending a marriage means there will be a financial learning curve. Going from two incomes down to one will often require some adjusting, and basic money management skills may need to be relearned. Workplaces or local community centers will sometimes offer financial classes or seminars. Enrolling in these classes can be great ways to learn money management skills.

Encouraging progress for fathers seeking shared child custody

In previous decades, fathers who wanted custody of their children after a divorce were out of luck. Traditionally, custody of children was typically awarded to the mother. In recent years, however, courts in Arizona and across the nation have encouraged more shared parenting child custody agreements.

When it comes to child custody, there are basically two types: physical custody and legal custody. Those who are granted legal custody have control over decisions that affect a child's well-being, like health care and education. Physical or residential custody focuses on where the child resides. These days, courts begin with a presumption of joint legal custody between parents, but courts are becoming more open to shared physical custody arrangements.

Fate of the family business during a divorce

Going through a divorce is a challenging situation in just about all cases. However, it gets markedly more difficult when you have a small business. You have to worry about your personal life but you also have to think about the business and the employees who depend on the company for an income. Balancing this can take a lot of work.

There are a few things you need to think about with respect to your business during a divorce. Your spouse's involvement, any prenuptial agreement and similar points should all come into the picture.

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