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Tips to reduce the financial impact of gray divorce

These days, more and more couples are deciding to end marriages later in life. In the last 30 years, the divorce rate for couples age 50 or older has more than doubled. Known as gray divorce, this late-life separation presents unique challenges for senior adults who find themselves suddenly single. Ending a marriage so close to retirement age can have a devastating financial impact. The following advice may be helpful for those in Arizona who find themselves in this situation.

One of the first things to do is to crunch the numbers and figure out how much cash is coming in and how much cash is flowing out. Doing this will enable individuals to see if they need to cut spending or increase income. This is also a good time to recalculate retirement savings. Update retirement savings goals and determine how much to save in order to reach goals. Without question, divorce can wreak havoc on finances so it may also be necessary to delay retirement.

Award-winning singer files for divorce

No one marries with the end in mind but, unfortunately, not all marriages work. These days in Arizona and across America, half of all married couples end up divorcing. Marriages end for a myriad of reasons, but regardless of reasons, separating from a long-time spouse can be incredibly difficult. Celebrities are constantly under the spotlight and are often held to a higher standard. However, they too suffer the pitfalls of divorce.

Recently, Grammy award-winning singer Monica made headlines when she reportedly filed for divorce from her husband. Monica has been married to former NBA player Shannon Brown since November 2010. According to reports, Monica has submitted the necessary paperwork for the split, but Brown has been unable to seal the divorce papers.

Parents can learn to embrace co-parenting roles

Parents who fight for sole custody of their kids in a divorce often do both themselves and their children a disservice by attempting to limit the other parent's access to the children. While there certainly can be legitimate reasons to restrict parental access, e.g., substance abuse, domestic violence or neglect, for the most part, children thrive when they spend quality time with both of their parents.

Still, it can be hard to trim those apron strings and wave good-bye as the kids head out to spend the week with their other parent. If you are struggling with the co-parenting arrangement in your divorce, the following tips might be helpful.

The effects of uncollected child support in America

Every state in the country, including Arizona, has laws in place to help meet the economic needs of children whose parents have separated. These child support laws were established to ensure that families are cared for, but these laws only work if they are followed. Unfortunately, when a parent neglects to pay child support, it is the children who suffer. Despite the stringent penalties for failing to pay child support, modern-day America has seen a rise in this upsetting trend.

According to a recent report, only about 44 percent of custodial parents receive the full amount of child support to which they are entitled. Tragically, about 30 percent of custodial parents receive nothing at all. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says that only about one in five children receive the monetary support they need.

Life after divorce: Conquering fear

The end of a marriage is often a very unsettling and scary time. The thought of going through life alone can induce fear, crippling anxiety and, often, depression. For those in Arizona who are going through divorce for the fist time, there are so many unknowns, and its only human to fear the unknown. Knowledge is a great way release the chains of fear.

Separating from a spouse will almost always make a person feel isolated and alone. But just know that the loneliness will not last forever. In order to facilitate the healing process, consider this new-found alone time as a time of personal rediscovery. Without question, divorce can be extremely tough on children and their behaviors may change. Parents should not be alarmed by their childrens' outbursts, but be present and validate their feelings.

Famous singer jailed for failing to pay child support

When parents decide to split up or end a marriage, they are still obligated to support and provide for their children who have not yet reached the age of majority. In Arizona, child support laws were established to ensure that the economic needs of children are met. Most often, the noncustodial parent is required to make child support payments each month to the custodial parent. Failure to pay or abide by these laws can mean harsh punishment that includes months of jail time.

Famous singer R. Kelly recently made headlines and for the wrong reasons. The singer was arrested and sent to jail for allegedly failing to pay thousands in child support. According to reports, Kelly owed over $161,000 in unpaid child support.

How to have a peaceful divorce

Separating from a long-time partner can be a difficult situation to experience. Without the right mindset, a person can psychologically and emotionally spiral out of control during a divorce. Here a few things that can help make this transition smoother for those in Arizona and take some of the emotional pain out of divorce.

First and foremost, ensure that a divorce is actually needed. Divorce is final, so make sure that this is the only option. It can be extremely helpful to maintain a mutual level of respect with an ex-spouse. Understandably, this can be incredibly tough during this time. Although this can be challenging, maintaining a mutual respect will save time and unnecessary stress on all parties, especially children.

Advice for those seeking child custody

When Arizona parents divorce, its very common for both parents to want primary custody of the children. Even the most minor disagreements can cause a vicious battle to erupt. Unfortunately, it is often the children who suffer the most from lengthy and vicious child custody battles. There are things that parents can do that may help them to win custody.

First and foremost, an understanding of family law is always beneficial in custody disputes. Custody laws vary by state, so parents should study and familiarize themselves with laws so they know what to expect. Collaboration with the other parent will show the court a willingness to work together as a family. Parents seeking custody should always do what is asked of them by the courts to show a level of commitment. Also, an in-home custody evaluation can very helpful, especially if it is suspected that an ex will attempt to portray a negative impression of home life.

Vacation planning as a newly single parent

Taking a vacation with your children isn't always easy, but when you are doing this for the first time as a single parent, you might find that it is even more challenging. If you have recently gone through a divorce, you have to find out what you can do about vacation with your children. Most of the time, the parenting plan will have specific travel and vacation guidelines about what is acceptable.

You should review the order to determine what you need to do. There might be notification requirements or geographical restrictions. If these are included in the order, make sure that you abide by them or you can face legal problems. There are some other ways that you can try to reduce the stress of the situation.

Failure to pay child support could mean harsh penalties

All parents have an obligation to support their children financially. These days, it often takes two incomes to make ends meet and provide necessities for the family. When parents separate, going from two incomes to one could lead to children suffering and lacking basic needs. Luckily, the state of Arizona has child support laws that require the noncustodial parent to give economic support to their children. All parents, even celebrities, must obey laws or face harsh punishment.

A child support dispute between television star Nicole Curtis and her ex, Shane Maguire, recently made headlines. According to reports, Maguire has failed to pay over $6,000 in child support and has been ordered to appear in court. The former couple, who have a 3-year-old son together, had previously reached an agreement on joint custody of their son.

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