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Preparation is key for life after divorce

Ending a marriage is always difficult, no matter the circumstances. Every divorce is different, and the reasons for deciding to separate will vary from couple to couple. As with anything in life, preparation is key for those in Arizona considering divorce.

One of the most important things for newly separated individuals to do is to start familiarizing themselves with finances, women especially. Even these days, a lot women leave finances to their spouses. Those who are divorcing should start paying attention to financial documents such as tax returns, bank statements and accounts. After divorce, individuals are usually required to fill out statements of net worth, so it is helpful to make sure that accounts and assets are accounted for.

4 Tips to remember while negotiating child custody

Trying to navigate your way through a child custody agreement can be complicated. There are many elements at play when the order is being created. Tension may be due to you and your ex working together or from a judge issuing a ruling.

No matter which way your custody case is being resolved, there are several things you have to remember. All can help ensure that you are doing what needs to be done instead of focusing on things that aren't truly important.

For parents, divorce during the holidays can be challenging

During the wedding no couple likes to think about the possibility of their marriage ending. However, this is a common scenario for couples in Arizona and across America, as some statistics indicate that as many as half of all marriages these days end in divorce. Separating from a spouse is never easy, but during the holidays divorce can be even more difficult and stressful, especially for parents.

Parents often take turns and alternate holidays with the children in most parenting agreements. For newly single parents, spending the holidays without children can induce anxiety and border on devastation. However, being upset around the children may also make the kids upset. Those parents who may not get to spend the holidays with children may find it helpful to plan a day in advance to celebrate.

Co-parenting can be a successful child custody arrangement

Couples can divorce for a number of reasons. However, for parents in Arizona who divorce, a common priority is usually the safety and well-being of their children. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for both parents to want primary custody of children, causing vicious custody battles to erupt. Children are often caught in the middle and hurt by these power struggles. These days, co-parenting has become one of the most common child custody arrangements but parents have to cohesively work together to make it successful.

In a co-parenting custody arrangement, both parents need to put their differences aside. Arguing or fighting should never happen in front of children. It is not uncommon for divorced parents to talk negatively about the other parent in front of children. This should never happen. The marriage no longer exists, so the main focus now should be on the kids and their needs.

Money issues are a common cause of divorce

Marriage is a happy and joyous occasion that should be celebrated. No couple ever marries, thinking that they will one day separate. However, statistics say that over half of all marriages in Arizona and across the United States end in divorce. A number of factors can contribute to a divorce, such as infidelity and lack of communication. However, one of the most common reasons why couples separate is money issues.

Even wealthy couples who seem to be financially secure can have marital issues rooted in money. The divorce proceeding of former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani and estranged wife Judith recently made headlines. According to reports, Judith detailed claims of lavish spending by Rudy while she was cut off from finances.

Helpful tips for parents seeking child custody

For most parents in Arizona who have separated, the custody of children is a primary concern. One of the most difficult situations for parents to experience is losing custody of a child. Parents can lose custody due to valid reasons like unstable environments, criminal charges or drug issues. However, some parents may be able to regain child custody. The following tips could be helpful to parents seeking custody.

Sometimes, litigation may not be necessary. Responsible discussions with the other parent could be very beneficial in working out any prior issues while avoiding unnecessary stress to children. However, parents have the right to ask a judge to review the situation, although this does not guarantee that changes will follow. The judge will make a ruling depending on the best interest of the child. Also, depending on age, children may also have a say in the proceedings.

Financial tips for those facing divorce

In some situations, ending a marriage is the best course of action. Going through a divorce is never easy and can be extremely costly, financially and emotionally. By following these helpful tips, the process of divorce can be less expensive and less strenuous for Arizona residents.

In recent years, retail therapy has become a common way to combat stress. For some people, buying new clothes, gadgets and even cars is the perfect way to alleviate worry and stress. However, unnecessary shopping should be avoided as it can be detrimental to the financial situation of those facing divorce. Although money can be tight when going through a split, cashing in investments to provide immediate funds should be avoided. Selling assets can derail future financial goals and is also considered a taxable event.

Help your children cope with the changes divorce brings

Throughout your child's life, they will have to adjust to change. This can be something like going to a new school or your going through a divorce. Helping them when this is going on can be difficult, but no parent wants to watch as their kids struggle to make sense of the new reality and find healthy ways to cope.

Sea changes in their world, like divorce, can be monumentally impactful on their lives, now and in the future. If you notice that your child is having trouble coping with this major change, consider these tips to help them work through it and adjust to the new way of life:

Seeking guidance when divorce is the healthiest option

Many married couples in Arizona and elsewhere may encounter challenges in their relationships from time to time. In some cases, a temporary disagreement may lead to little more than a heated verbal spat. However, studies suggest that certain topics may prompt more intense disputes that could leave some couples wondering if divorce is the healthiest option for everyone involved.

One of the most common areas in which a couple may encounter conflict within their marriage is finances. Disagreements over money can lead to frequent arguments that can prove harmful to a relationship. Constant levels of conflict may also prompt a break down in communication, and a lack of communication could place a strain on a marriage.

Things grandparents should know about child custody

When families are torn apart, it is often the children who suffer the most. Recently, child custody has become a hot topic, as more and more studies have shown the disastrous psychological and emotional effects a divorce or separation can have on children. These days, it is not uncommon for grandparents to take over as primary caretakers. However, there are a few legal processes that grandparents in Arizona and other states may want to follow to provide the best possible care for children.

A grandparent power of attorney can allow grandparents to legally provide things such medical treatment or academic enrollment. Although this type of power of attorney can quickly be put in place, the parent must give consent. A caretaker authorization is similar to a power of attorney and is typically recommended when a parent has left the children, as parental consent is not needed. A caretaker authorization would also give grandparents authorization to interact with schools or seek medical treatment.

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